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Developers beware; A2hosting is carving a niche for you to showcase your work. They are the people to go to when you already have a firm grasp on how to set up a website. They boast that they are grown-up web development. This could very well be true, because most clients who go to them have a firm grasp of web development. The client they are geared toward understands Linux and nightly website data backups. The plans vary and are offered at many levels. The one thing that all of their plans have in common, is that they provide a speed boost to their clients, free of charge. You will find out more about them in this A2 Hosting Review. Here is a great video review!

Great Offers

They provide customers with Linux, apache 2.2 and Ruby on Rails 3.x. These are just a few of the technological advancements that A2hosting provides. They are constantly updating their knowledge base, so that website developers will have the best programs. They are above average in price, and they admit to this. But, they also admit that they are a quality server. Customers get a server rewind, this ensures that you will not accidently delete or change your site. This feature comes in handy when a developer loses a file and needs to find it. The service boasts that it can recover accounts and small files. It goes beyond and looks back to restore service.

Customer Support

Service and Support Guarantees
They provide customer care round the clock, seven days a week. This site is not only going to take care of web techies that understand website development, but they are also there to help those who are new to the game. They allow you to understand the way the server works and teach you how to do things correctly. This is a far cry from other sites that simply want to guide you through without actual lessons on the how and why. The two ways clients can get in touch with A2hosting include issuing a ticket or calling. The people who they hire to represent them are among the best at what they do. Since, they are up for the entire day and night they may need some time to comprehend your issue. They also offer customers a Wiki, which offers them insight into the myriad of issues they have dealt with and solved. Basically, this is study hall and they are giving you a pass to what the insiders know.

99.9% Up-time

The A2hosting site is available all the time; however, they allow for some leeway giving their reliability a 99.9% mark-up. Sometimes, conditions that are out of their control are taken into account. They are not responsible for some issues and they admit this in the disclaimer. The group is geared toward the more experienced developers who have experience producing PHP hosting scripts and other database projects. They expect to give serious and seasoned developers great options and security when they create their site. They offer PHP 5.3, Python 3.1, Perl 5.8.8 and other types of support. For your database they provide MySQL 5.1.x, PostgreSQL 8.4.x and SQLite 3.x. They offer packages geared toward what the developer wants. Packages for faster scripting, more accurate databases, and disk space are all considered part of the option and necessary. Clients have a high chance of being successful when they promote their service with A2hosting.

Current clients with A2hosting rave that the customer service team is patient and understanding with most issues. Some clients believe that most of the issues that they ever called about originated with their own inability. This says something about a company, when its clients admit that they are the ones who are not programmed as nicely. The company has been in operation since 2003, and has had permanent clients that long. Some clients believe that the flawless and ease of access they offer is excellent. The lack of gimmicks with them is what stands their services from the rest. They are so well loved by their customers that many are only afraid that they will leave the industry. When you go to the site and read all of the unique customer testimonials, they certainly will leave an impression.

Uptime Statistics at the time of this writing
Some clients who were new to their services were intimidated. They complain that they cannot seem to understand the workings of the site. However, with the great customer service they will surely get through it.

A2Hosting is a Good Choice

A2hosting is geared toward clients who have a little knowledge in the website development field. They are geared to help new clients understand the scripting language and more. They are great to work with because they will make sure that you understand the issues. The language can be confusing. But, when you understand that there are clients that have been with them since 2003 and are still happy, it may make an impression. There is no need to put them on the back burner, if you do not think that your experience is up to snuff. Instead understand that they will be there to aid you in your journey. They are there to make sure that you have quality service and competent training.

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