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Once you open, you see their promise: Superior Support. Powerful Hosting. That’s nice, but I wanted to see if it’s really like that. Here is how this review is structured: first the boring stuff, features, about the company, etc. After that I will go through the signup process, and registering a domain with them. A short review of the hosting interface will follow. Then I am going to run some speedtests. And lastly, a short summary.

The internet has changed the way we see the world today with spectacular websites for individuals and businesses. More and more people are looking for a way to get a piece of the online pie and among others, HostMonster is here to help. One of the top webhosting companies on the web, they have been in business since 1996. They are a 100% United States based corporation in the beautiful state of Utah. As a successful webhosting company trusted by 1.7 million websites They promise to deliver the highest quality of customer services and webhosting service they possibly can.

Strategies Provided for Getting Traffic

Hostmonster sets you up for a jumpstart. Each website package includes $75 in Google credits for instant advertisement on Google. Others, such as Yahoo and Bing are also in the lot. Hostmonster even offers help if you are not sure how to market your site.

Different Types of Web Hosting Packages Available

Websites require a lot to make them successful, so they need to use webhosting companies to design and launch their websites. HM provides services for personal websites as well as to businesses, including Ecommerce sites. Each package is well priced to make it fit into almost any budget. That can be appealing to someone with a small blog in mind, or businesses just starting up.

Multimedia Platform

A Hostmonster account supports the use of streaming videos and streaming audio which typically require a large amount of bandwidth. Through the use of plug-ins like Java and Macromedia Shockwave, websites can boast superb graphics making them visually appealing to visitors. Adding social network plugins depends on what platform you use, and your hosting has nothing to do with them.

Linux Operating System

HostMonster uses Linux in conjunction with Windows to develop quality websites for a fraction of the average cost. They promise 24/7 monitoring of all websites, and live technical support to keep websites running efficiently. This should be enough to be protected from hardware crashes while maintaining the security and integrity of websites.

Many Web Applications Provided

HostMonster offers a wide variety of web applications to show your content the way you imagined it. Simplescripts is quite good, but a Fatntastico/Softaculous combo would be better.

The web applications available to website owners include:

  • Moodle Web App
  • WordPress
  • image galleries
  • bulletin boards
  • Python
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • b2evolution

99.9% Up-time

Developing your site takes time and you don’t want that site to go offline. It’s just not professional. HostMonster promises an industry standard guaranteed uptime for your website. That’s nothing spectacular, you can get that kind of uptime from any hosting company.

Using a webhosting company to design and launch your eCommerce or other business website will save your business money in the long run. Not only are you gaining a quality website but your are gaining a trained team of web design professionals who are dedicated to the continuous success of your website. At HostMonster you get a quality product and quality service for a cost that is less than what you’d pay for your own private server, IT staff, advertising links, and web applications.

With all the benefits of using a webhosting company it makes perfect sense to sign up with one today. HostMonster is ready and willing to get started on your company’s website today. Their prices are good and their services are valued. With 16 years of web design experience, they promise to deliver. Over a million successfully served say a lot for this dedicated web hosting company. Use their free demo service found on their website to test them out today.

I am sure you don’t want to spend a lot of time setting up your website. Hostmonster understands this and made the whole process simple. You will start with this screen.

You have two options here. If you have already registered a domain name (which I would recommend), you have to choose option two and type in your domain. Otherwise choose option one and you will register a new domain name.

Registering a New Domain

You will see this message in case your domain name is already taken.

Simply choose another one. If your domain is available, you will have to type in your Account Information (your personal information), your Package and Billing info.

There you see Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. But they don’t accept Paypal, that’s a huge minus for me!

Use your existing domain

You will see the exact same screen as when you register a new domain. Later on you will see their instructions to add your domain to your hosting account. For that you will have to change the DNS settings of your domain.


Once you have completed the whole process you will get a confirmation email with all the details and you can head over to your hosting account. Wasn’t it easy?

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