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Inmotion is one of the most used provider by businesses. They have great technical support, I write about it in the new Inmotion Hosting review. They provide fast and reliable services and they are quite affordable. Not a regular feature among web hosting companies that you can choose data center.

The people behind Inmotion seem to know exactly what they are doing when it comes to hosting websites that are mainly used for businesses. Now this doesn’t necessarily have to mean a brick and mortar business, but it can be someone purely online as well, such as an eBay shop website or something similar. What’s great is that they can also help you with a website specifically setup for your business, even if you don’t plan on doing any business on the site at all.

Below, you will find an overview on how they specifically help keep their customers satisfied with their service and their features.

Hosting Price

Obviously one of the best things about Inmotion hosting is the price that they charge for putting your site on there. For businesses looking to get a web presence, the business hosting package that they offer is among the best price for the quality in the web hosting business. You are looking at $5.95 a month for unlimited bandwidth and space, an incredible deal by any measure, you don’t have to worry about your site over-expanding and going down due to going over a bandwidth limit or having too many files taking up all your available space. The only drawback here though is that this is shared hosting, if there are several large websites sharing your same host, there is a decent chance that your site will run slower because of the resources that are being taken up, the obvious answer to this however is to get a VPS.

VPS Servers

VPS is sometimes necessary when you are running a large site, like a forum, and you need a lot of resources in order to help keep the site running smoothly. For most people, a VPS would be a waste of money since they would never need anywhere near the amount of processing power that a VPS can offer. However, for people who specifically know that they do need that power, VPS servers are very fairly priced at $39.95 a month, which is comparable to most major hosting sites, however a lot of those larger sites have thousands of VPS customers to deal with, meaning that you are just another drop in the bucket to them.


The support they provide makes it one of the best web hosting sites available today. They know what people who require website hosting needs, and they do their best to make sure that it is up as long as possible during the month. Some web hosts may not even give you much notice when they are about to have downtime, but that is certainly not the case with Inmotion. Another thing that most people can appreciate is the fact that someone is available at all hours of the day, 365 days a year, in order to take your phone call regarding your account, any maintenance issues, or if you having some other sort of problem with your web host. This is great for everyone involved, because you know that if you have a problem at 2 AM on a Saturday morning, someone is going to be at the help desk in order to either walk you through the problem or look into it and alert the technicians that there is something wrong with the server as a whole.

Dedicated Server

For the website owners who really need the maximum amount of processing power, a dedicated server might be the option that Inmotion can help you with. Websites that require these are usually large, money-making websites. They generally are not for business sites that just want a website on the internet, even if they sell things on it. A lot of the larger websites you might visit are hosted on dedicated servers. The best thing about these is that you can personalize what kind of server you want, including dual core and quad core servers. They will also upgrade your memory and disk space for free most months out of the year.

Data Centers

In most Inmotion reviews, you don’t see a lot about how you can choose what data center your site will be hosted from. With Inmotion, you can choose from either their Washington D.C. data center, or their Los Angeles data center, allowing you to give faster service to people living on one side of the country. To most people, this may not matter, but if you have a business in San Diego, and want your site to load as quickly as possible, it would make perfect sense to select the Los Angeles data center. Most other companies either have one datacenter or they just plain don’t give you the choice with smaller packages, they let you select in order to deliver your message to your customers in a timely manner.

$3 hosting

They do offer a $3 a month web hosting offer for one of the most basic webhosting packages available on the internet. While if you are looking for a bare-bones web host plan, this would be it, and for $3, you really can’t go wrong, the drawback here is that you must pre-pay for 2 years upfront. This means having to shell out $72 for a very basic web hosting plan. For $5.95, you can get an extremely better plan, and you can pay monthly.

Inmotion really is a stand-up website hosing provider, they have been in the business for more than 10 years now, and that experience really shows in what they can offer their clients, as well as their service when it is needed. By drawing more happy customers to their products, they are able to lower the price for everyone so that they can still stay profitable, while at the same time staying very competitive with their pricing. Expect them to be around for a very long time, they are in it for the long haul, which is why you should have no qualms about hosting your website with them.

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