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iPage has great experience in hosting, is on the market for more than 10 years. Their platform serves more than 1 million websites. They recently went green, which means your Internet activity can be Eco-friendly. More about that in the new iPage review.

iPage is no new comer to the world of website hosting and has been around since 1998; the site is only growing in popularity and offering more to its users. The site has recently changed its powering source to one hundred percent wind power, and is now a green hosting site. They understand how important is to both the environment and its users that they do their share at reducing toxic emissions and did something about it.  But they are more than just another hosting site proclaiming to have gone green, it is a well oiled machine that offers its users all the best features at low prices, and its support team is committed to making your websites a success.


Of course with iPage, you will receive unlimited data, bandwidth, and emails, being that all of the best web hosting sites consider this standard, but there are many other great features that they offer.  There is no cost for setup and the activation begins immediately, but you also receive a free domain and if you already have a domain that you like, the domain transfer is also free.  It also offers website hosting for under $8 a month and even lower when you sign up when particular promotions are being run.  The extra features that are offered at no cost to you are valued at over $400, and with their years of experience and impeccable reputation, some of the most popular online marking sites are included.  From the top search engines, Google, Yahoo, and Bing, to social networking site, Facebook and even YellowPages can be used to market your site at absolutely no cost to you.  They are not just another web hosting site, but offer you the best features and all that you need to begin your site and make it very successful.


If all the features were not enough to make you jump on board with iPage, then their endless and remarkable support team combined with free security is sure to do the trick.  All the features in the world mean nothing unless there is a confident support team behind them, and they have made sure that they are there to give you quick, helpful support every hour of every day.  Unlike other web hosts that see you as just another support ticket that is resolved after a few weeks, they see their users as a person that relies on them and their support and will help you with any problem in the quickest time, and many times the issue can be resolved over the phone, the first time you call.  To protect you just one step further, they offer the incredible security of SiteLock for free.  The support team at iPage wants the site to be more user-friendly and have everything that you need, so they are always striving to make the site better and perform surveys to find out what you, their users, want out of the experience with them as well as what is working and what needs to be redone.

iPage and Small Businesses

iPage is there for all your website needs and serves over a million websites that range from personal, to business, to social websites, but iPage is so easy that small business owner with no experience can begin their site on only a few minutes and control the entire site with ease.  The control panels offered are very easy to understand and manage.  The website building tools are very easy to understand and use, but  are still creative enough that even the most experience website makers creating the most elaborate sites will still have all the tools to fulfill their needs as well.  Creating a website and understanding hosting and all the tools and features can be a bit overwhelming to beginners, but they make it all very easy and fun to use, but still offer the best quality and features when the time comes to make your site more advanced.


There is a reliable up-time of 99.9%, so you will have no problem with your sites that are hosted with iPage not being up and usable.  Although it allows for peace of mind knowing that the up-time meets the industry standard, they do more for you.  Many users have not created sites with them first, but have transferred their existing sites to them.  They also offer an anytime money back guarantee so if there any reason that you find that iPage is not right for you, you can get all of your money back.  They offer you all the support you need as well as reliability that you can count on that you are in the best of hands.  Other web hosts have stipulations about how long you can use the service before asking for your money back, but they are confident that you will love the service, that they have no reason to not offer you your money back.


iPage is more than just another web hosting site in the industry, and are striving to make your experience with them the best and easiest it can be.  With the remarkable support team behind their success, you will never have a problem that is not resolved or a question that goes unanswered.  The site also offers you all the tools you need to make your site the best it can be and with all the experience they have and the amazing reputation that is behind them, you will not be steered wrong with them.  The features are impeccable and give you advertising credits with the most popular internet marketing sites that are out there allowing your success to happen quickly, easily, and cheaply.  If you read some iPage reviews you will see that existing customers are absolutely thrilled with their experience and recommended the service to anyone through web hosting reviews.  So if you are looking for the best web hosting site for your needs, and want a site that you can rely on, then iPage is among the ones you have been looking for.

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