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At JustHost it is all about reliability. They offer 99.9% up-time and 24/7 tech support. If reliability is important to you, it is a good choice to go with them.

Let’s start this JustHost review with this: they are a bargain web hosting service provider who specializes in web hosting services for consumers and small businesses. Their plans start at just $3.50 USD per month. They offer reliable inexpensive hosting services, with 24-hour English-language phone support. If you are ever unsatisfied, they have a money back guarantee for the remainder of the purchased hosting term. Hosting a website with them can be one of the easiest ways to save money on hosting fees – they provide a huge array of services, unlimited bandwidth and storage space, and the highest degree of reliability that one could hope for in the web hosting industry – all for a very low monthly price.


At first glance, the low prices might make you think that they skimp on features or services – but they don’t. They actually provide everything that webmasters have come to expect from a web hosting provider, plus more. For starters, accounts come with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited data storage space, and an unlimited number of domains. Though this has come to be an industry standard, JustHost offers more than some competitors in terms of extra benefits to save both time and money. Novice webmasters can save hours of work by utilizing the website building tools that comes with every account, and even the most advanced webmaster can save themselves a hassle by relying upon automated installation of popular web application platforms for blogging, photo gallery hosting, eCommerce, and content management. When they make it easy on you to install applications, you free up time that you could be spending writing content for your webpage. Plus, every account comes with cost-cutting benefits, namely with a free domain name registration (which saves at least $10), and transferring your existing domain name is also free (another savings of at least $10). Every new account, regardless of if the website is completely new or just being transferred, includes a bonus of $50 in Google advertising credit, and $25 in Yahoo/Bing advertising credit. The value of these products alone exceeds the cost of what you would pay in a single year of hosting with JustHost.


The support staff at a web hosting company is what will ultimately impact its customers the most. They understand this, and as such, they have a 24/7 support team that monitors servers performance and health, answers questions and solves problems via e-mail and telephone interaction with its customers, and can provide useful advice regarding questions about web hosting services and utilization of the features. The support staff also invests time and energy in a well-maintained “knowledge base” – a source of information that addresses many of the common questions, problems, and concerns that webmasters might have. This is an invaluable resource for obtaining clear and concise answers to questions that one might have about their website, or how to go about implementing certain features. The value of such a well-rounded support effort cannot be dismissed, because if something inevitably goes wrong with your website, having immediate access to professional assistance via a toll-free telephone call can turn what seems to be a major problem into a minor inconvenience. Don’t put your online reputation, or your business’s image at risk by dealing with a web hosting provider with unreliable, unreachable technical support staff – the risk of inconvenience, and even reduction in profitability simply isn’t worth it.


Uptime is a major concern for webmasters. Aside from the fact that a broken or unreachable website projects a negative image of yourself or your company, uptime issues can also mean missing on important contact with customers. Most businesses, for instance, use e-mail services provided by their web host. If the host’s server goes offline, or the data center experiences connectivity problems, this means that in addition to customers’ websites going offline, that crucial e-mails can be bounced back to their sender, or simply never received at all. For businesses especially, this risk is unacceptable, because it can cripple an office that relies on e-mail services for in-house affairs and customer relationships. As such, JustHost is committed to reliability. In addition to providing technical support to customers, the support staff constantly monitors the health of their servers and the datacenter where they are located 24 hours per day. At the first warning that something might be going wrong, support staff quickly moves in to prevent or circumvent the issue from taking websites and e-mail services offline. This includes security monitoring, to ensure that hackers do not intrude on private information or cause disruptions to hosting services.


They make a few key guarantees to their customers. First, they promise reliability. Your website will always be online, and if some accident or hardware failure takes it offline, support staff will be working on restoring it as soon as possible. Second, they guarantee that real, English-speaking human beings are working behind the scenes as support staff, and that they are ready to respond to questions, concerns, and inquiries at any time of the day or night. Lastly, they offer a money-back guarantee if you happen to be unsastisfied with their service. With no questions asked, they will refund the prorated cost of your remaining hosting services term, minus any setup or domain registration fees. This final guarantee demonstrates both the confidence in their excellent customer service, and offers the potential customer peace of mind. There isn’t anything to lose when trying JustHost!

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JustHost offers what appears to be the perfect combination of features, customer service, reliability, and peace of mind. At the prices they are charging, they have a solid place among the top hosting companies. Check out some JustHost reviews for more info.

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